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Nuvance Health receives $15,000 grant for neurosciences medical education

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DANBURY, Conn., POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, November 16, 2020 — Nuvance Health received a $15,000 grant for neurosciences medical education from Theranica, a prescribed digital therapeutics company based in Israel. Nuvance Health will use the grant to educate clinicians from different disciplines — including neurology, OB/GYN, and primary care — about applying neuromodulation devices, also called electroceuticals, to treat neurological conditions and diseases such as brain cancer, migraine, and more.

The Nuvance Health Neuroscience Institute is dedicated to studying alternative methods to treat neurological conditions and diseases with electroceuticals, and offering the latest treatment options to patients. Electroceuticals are electronic devices that treat diseases, which can be an alternative to medication or other types of traditional treatments.

“Utilizing electronic devices to treat neurological conditions and diseases makes sense because the body, and more specifically the neural system, is essentially a large electrical circuit,” said Dr. Paul Wright, senior vice president and system chair of the Nuvance Health Neuroscience Institute. “We can treat patients with electronic devices that alter and adjust biological systems without the use of medication.”

Nuvance Health and Theranica have collaborated on clinical trials to study the efficacy and safety of electronic devices to treat migraine. Theranica selected Nuvance Health to receive the grant because of the health system’s “innovative and modern way of approaching health care and its commitment to improving the well-being of the communities it serves,” said Alon Ironi, CEO and co-founder of Theranica.

Ironi continued, “We appreciate that Nuvance Health is contributing to the many new and exciting developments in this field and are proud to provide this grant.”

“This grant will enable us to give Nuvance Health clinicians the knowledge and tools to offer our patients the latest treatment options including advanced non-pharmacological therapies,” said Dr. Wright.

About Nuvance Health Neuroscience Institute

The Nuvance Health Neurosciences Institute offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art services including diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative care for patients with a broad range of neurological, neurodegenerative, and brain disorders. Our neurologists, neurointerventional surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physiatrists specialize in general neurology, movement disorders, stroke and cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy and seizure disorders, headaches, migraines, and neurosurgery. By participating in clinical trials and research, Nuvance Health Neurosciences Institute brings the latest treatment options to residents of Connecticut and the Hudson Valley, New York. Learn more about the Nuvance Health Neurosciences Institute by visiting our website.


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