Nuvance Health donors help build a healthier community

The DiNardo Family Supports New Norwalk Hospital Pavilion Project


The DiNardo Family Supports New Norwalk Hospital Pavilion Project

Leonard (Len) DiNardo and his family, first among the generous donors to the Norwalk Hospital Pavilion Project, have demonstrated their commitment to building and strengthening communities through their donation of $1 million. The project the largest in the Hospital’s history includes a new seven-floor, 180,000-square foot inpatient tower and extensive renovations to the existing Norwalk Hospital campus.


“The pavilion is a major project that will have a massive impact on our community and set the tone for the future of Norwalk Hospital,” said DiNardo, 44, who has been a member of the Norwalk Hospital Foundation Board of Directors for more than a decade and was among the youngest board members in Nuvance Health history when appointed. “As the community grows, the hospital has to grow with it.”


The new pavilion will be on the southeast corner of the Norwalk Hospital campus and replace the community pavilion built in 1953 and the Tracey Pavilion built in 1918. The pavilion will provide modern, inpatient care and a comfortable soothing environment.


DiNardo and his family have been engaged with quality of life for communities from Norwalk to New Haven for three generations. He is Vice President of Peter DiNardo Enterprises, his family owned and operated commercial real estate investment, development and property management business.


But DiNardo’s commitment extends beyond real estate. He is also, he says, building a healthier community through his philanthropy and leadership at Norwalk Hospital.


“I believe deeply in this philanthropic endeavor of Norwalk Hospital,” said DiNardo. “The pandemic underscores the importance of the pavilion project, which will make healthcare more accessible for members of the community and give healthcare providers the facility and tools that honor the essential work they do.”


“The DiNardo family’s ongoing support has had a tremendous impact on Norwalk Hospital and the communities we serve,” said Peter R. Cordeau, president of Norwalk Hospital. “We are grateful for their generosity and leadership, and for the level of caring they have consistently provided.”


In addition to supporting the Pavilion Project, DiNardo and his wife, Emmakate, have taken a leadership role in the Norwalk Hospital Nursing Scholarship Program, supporting Norwalk Hospital nurses who want to advance their education.


“Observing what these nurses have endured with the pandemic has shed light on just how demanding their jobs are and how lucky we are that there are people out there dedicating their lives to help others,” said DiNardo. “My wife and I have had scholarship recipients come up to us with tears in their eyes, thanking us for changing their life and the family’s life. But that’s how we feel about what they do. It is so meaningful to be able to make that kind of difference.”


DiNardo said he is fortunate to work on the Pavilion Project from the beginning and hopes more people will consider supporting this project.


“Having my family legacy involved and supporting the community in this venture is a privilege,” DiNardo said.


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For more information about the Pavilion Project, please contact the Norwalk Hospital Foundation: or by calling 203-852-2216