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Nuvance Health adds wound care doctor in Rhinebeck

Tanner Boes, MD  - Wound Care, Nuvance Health


Nuvance Health recently welcomed Dr. Tanner Boes to the Wound Care Center at Northern Dutchess Hospital.

Dr. Boes is a family physician, with subspecialty training in undersea and hyperbaric medicine. He also has several years of wound healing and general surgery training. He provides care to patients with acute or chronic wounds, including diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, pressure wounds, surgical wounds and more.


His training and experience are in multidisciplinary treatment plans to heal wounds and prevent amputation, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, vacuum-assisted closure systems, antibiotics and specialized topical products.


“These treatments not only address wounds from the outside but also stimulate the body’s natural healing response to encourage wound closure,” said Dr. Boes, who just relocated to the Hudson Valley region.


Most recently, he worked as a hyperbaric and wound care doctor in Wisconsin. Previously he completed an Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. His residency training was completed at Grant Family Medicine, a three-year accredited program in Columbus, Ohio. 


His hobbies vary from music and guitar to watching baseball and playing golf.


Learn more about wound care at Nuvance Health. You can also request an appointment with Boes at the Wound Care Center on his physician profile or call 845-871-3888 TTY (800) 421-1220.