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Northern Dutchess Hospital offers new MRI experience

Northern Dutchess Hospital radiology team in front of Philips Ambient Experience MRI machine.


MRI scans can be daunting, but Nuvance Health’s Northern Dutchess Hospital has a new MRI machine designed to put your mind at ease.

The new machine creates a comfortable and calming environment for both children and adults. Dynamic lighting, projection, sounds and other design elements all work together to reassure and relax patients. This feature helps distract a patient during their scan, with the intention of reducing anxiety and promoting a more positive experience.

Equipped to accommodate a wide range of patients, the machine has both large bore and short bore magnets capable of supporting weights up to 550 pounds. This not only ensures accessibility for all but also supports the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program at Northern Dutchess Hospital.

Close up view of Philips Ambient Experience MRI machine at Northern Dutchess Hospital.


The benefits of the machine extend beyond patient comfort. The advanced technology supports workflow efficiency, minimizing the need for rescheduling because of an interrupted read due to patient stress or motion artifacts.

Thanks to AI technology, scans are now twice as fast, making the process smoother and more manageable for patients who struggle with sitting still. This not only improves the overall experience but also reduces the need for scheduling a second scan as the faster pace ensures uninterrupted imaging.


“This MRI unit is truly the next step in enhancing patient experience. It’s equipped with AI and setting a new standard of care. We are now seeing the types of technological advances and speed in MRI that would have seemed unimaginable a few years ago. This person-centric technology will have a positive impact for our patients and staff,” said Joe Gallivan, manager of Radiology.

Northern Dutchess Hospital is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Accredited Facility by the ACR Committee on MRI Accreditation of the Commission on Quality and Safety. Its MRI has been approved for a variety of scans, including body, breast, head, musculoskeletal and spine This accreditation reflects the hospital’s commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and safety in imaging services.


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With innovations like AI-enabled technologies and smart diagnostic tools, we can deliver high-quality diagnostic images to more patients at incredible speeds. This will provide outstanding services to referring physicians and the Northern Dutchess Hospital community,” Gallivan said.


Full view of Philips Ambient Experience MRI machine. at Northern Dutchess Hospital.

Northern Dutchess Hospital prioritizes providing exceptional care and patient comfort and satisfaction.


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