Nuvance Health breast surgery specialists hold leadership roles with American Society of Breast Surgeons

Physician Assistant Niki Demos, Susan K. Boolbol, MD, Nurse Practitioner Samantha Arlow


Susan K. Boolbol, MD, Nicole Demos, PA and Samantha Arlow, NP are moving breast cancer care forward


Dr. Susan K. Boolbol, Physician Assistant Nicole Demos and Nurse Practitioner Samantha Arlow are advancing breast cancer care through leadership roles with the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS).


Dr. Boolbol is president of ASBrS, and Demos is chair and Arlow is vice chair of the Advanced Practice Providers Committee. Dr. Boolbol is a board-certified, fellowship-trained breast surgeon, Demos is a breast surgery physician assistant, and Arlow is a board-certified, licensed women’s health and gender-related nurse practitioner. Dr. Boolbol, Demos and Arlow care for patients at the Dyson Breast Center, part of Nuvance Health’s Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.


ASBrS is the primary leadership organization for surgeons who care for patients with breast conditions. The organization’s mission is to continually evolve breast care through education, research, advocacy and development of advanced surgical techniques.


“The ultimate goal of ASBrS is for breast surgeons to deliver the best possible care to patients,” said Dr. Boolbol, system chief of breast surgical oncology and the breast program at Nuvance Health. “I am proud to serve as president and contribute to shaping the current and future state of breast care, developing comprehensive and accessible breast cancer programs, and widening the bench of skilled breast surgeons.”


Dr. Boolbol, Demos and Arlow will contribute to developing the latest and greatest breast cancer education and resources — not only for international members of ASBrS and their patients, but also Nuvance Health patients in the Hudson Valley, New York and western Connecticut.


“Our communities and patients have access to cutting-edge breast care, from prevention, screenings, diagnostics, genetic testing, clinical trials and treatment, to rehabilitation, nutrition, therapy, complementary medicine and cancer survivorship services,” said Dr. Boolbol.


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Dr. Susan K. Boolbol, Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology and Breast Program, Nuvance Health

Nicole Demos, Physician Assistant, Breast Surgery, Nuvance Health

Samantha Arlow, Nurse Practitioner, Breast Surgery, Nuvance Health