Medical Residents Expand Health Quest Patient Care Team

Medical Residents

By Christopher Stenberg, Vice President of Health Quest Graduate Medical Education


There are many steps to becoming a doctor. Under the new Health Quest Graduate Medical Education program, we are involved in the third step. We provide residency training to people who have graduated medical school with a degree in medicine or osteopathic medicine.

We help residents receive the many years of hands-on clinical experience essential for anyone working in medicine. That is done during the residency phase of training, under the close supervision of Health Quest’s high-quality physicians who are passionate about teaching them. Our resident to doctor ratio is 1:1.


As a patient, you might ask, how will I benefit?

  • In the hospital or during office visits, a resident may spend more time with you as they have less time constraints than other providers.
  • Residents just graduated medical school, where they had the most up-to-date access to clinical research and medical innovations.
  • Patients under resident care are seen by a second set of eyes because the supervising physician also reviews your care.
  • You might find additional appointment availability in otherwise busy offices.

Our residents train in surgery, internal medicine and family medicine. Our surgery residents are based at Vassar Brothers Medical Center and rotate in general, breast, colorectal, thoracic, trauma, vascular and additional surgery specialties. Internal medicine residents will rotate through Vassar’s inpatient care unit, geriatrics, emergency medicine, neurology, cardiology and more. Northern Dutchess Hospital and Hudson River Health Care in Kingston are home to family medicine residency, where focus is on primary care, OB/GYN, and inpatient care. These residents will also rotate through Vassar’s NICU and pediatric unit.

The goal of any residency is to develop promising medical school graduates into highly skilled experts in their respective fields and we hope many will stay in our region after residency.