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State Representative Kadeem Roberts visits Norwalk Hospital's first high school patient care technician (PCT) students

State Rep. Kareem Roberts (D) visits with the first two Norwalk High School students to participate in Nuvance Health Norwalk Hospital's Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program on April 11, 2024, at Nuvance Health Norwalk Hospital. From Left: Mechele Mack,Samantha Mino, Peter Cordeau, Rep. Kareem Roberts, Kimberly Rodriguez, Nadelin Loja, Luana Sardinha, Marcus Paca.


Connecticut State Representative Kadeem Roberts observed Norwalk Hospital's PCT Training Program and the positive impact it has on two local students.


Connecticut State Representative Kadeem Roberts visited Nuvance Health’s Norwalk Hospital on Wednesday to meet with the hospital's high school Patient Care Technician (PCT) students and to see the positive impact the program has on the community.


The visit was a part of Norwalk Hospital’s pilot PCT training program, which aims to empower individuals in the Norwalk community by providing them with essential skills and opportunities for professional growth. Two senior Norwalk high school students, Kimberly Rodriguez and Nadelin Loja, are the first to participate in the new program, which began on February 14 and will conclude on May 2.


The role of a PCT is essential to the smooth operation and compassionate care delivery within all areas of the hospital. As frontline healthcare professionals, PCTs provide vital support to patients across various departments, ensuring their comfort, safety and well-being throughout their hospital stay.


“It’s so important to provide career opportunities for our community, and we are proud to offer the PCT program for those interested in healthcare,” said Norwalk Hospital President Peter R. Cordeau. “This is a great career path for these young students and the sky is the limit. They will have a skill set that they can use to help their community.” 


Representative Roberts saw firsthand the positive impact of this initiative on the students and community members. His presence highlighted the importance of the PCT program in fostering local talent and providing pathways to meaningful careers in healthcare.


“I was born in Norwalk Hospital and raised in Norwalk,” Rep. Kadeem said. “Hopefully, when I have a baby someday, these two young ladies will be there to help deliver my child.”


Mechele Mack, the professional practice specialist PCT educator who guides the students in the program, said it is a joy to work with students who have a dedicated interest and passion for healthcare.


“I have been given the opportunity to work with young minds. Kimberly and Nadelin are fantastic and super smart,” Mack said. “They both want to be nurses and our program can help them ultimately achieve their goal.”

In all areas of the hospital, PCTs play a multifaceted role. They assist patients with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and toileting, ensuring their personal hygiene and comfort. PCTs also help patients with mobility, assisting them in moving between beds, wheelchairs and other seating arrangements, thereby preventing bedsores and promoting circulation.