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13 unforgettable Father's Day activities to celebrate Dad in Litchfield County, CT

A father holding his son and kissing him on the cheek. The son is wearing a blue hat.


With Father's Day approaching, we have an excellent opportunity to show our gratitude and admiration for the remarkable fathers who enrich our lives. If you live in Litchfield County, CT, and are seeking intriguing ways to commemorate your dad, we've got you covered.

In this article, we present 13 unforgettable Father's Day activities tailored specifically for the enchanting landscapes and rich heritage of Litchfield County. From outdoor adventures and cultural explorations to culinary delights and serene escapes, there's something to delight every dad's interests and preferences. Litchfield County's charming towns and natural beauty provide the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories on this special day.

  1. Take a scenic hike or nature walk at White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield.
  2. Enjoy a fishing excursion at one of the county's beautiful lakes or rivers, such as Bantam Lake or Housatonic River.
  3. Visit the Litchfield History Museum and explore the rich history of the county.
  4. Go on a bike ride along the Litchfield Hills Loop or explore local biking trails.
  5. Play a round of golf at one of the county's picturesque golf courses, such as Fairview Farm Golf Course or Stonybrook Golf Course.
  6. Enjoy a picnic at Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield and revel in the scenic beauty.
  7. Take a scenic drive through the countryside and explore the charming towns of Litchfield County, such as Kent or Washington.
  8. Visit a local farm or farmers market and enjoy fresh produce, flowers, or farm activities.
  9. Explore the beautiful gardens and art exhibits at the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington.
  10. Take a boat tour or go kayaking on Bantam Lake or other nearby bodies of water.
  11. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the county's renowned farm-to-table restaurants.
  12. Visit the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem and experience its serene beauty and craftsmanship.
  13. Take a scenic train ride on the Naugatuck Railroad in Thomaston and enjoy the picturesque views.