Bariatrics and Weight Loss

Empowered by bariatric surgery, patient transforms lifestyle

Elizabeth Miranda, Bariatric Patient at Northern Dutchess Hospital


As a former call center representative, Elizabeth Miranda was often sedentary, seated at her computer answering email and phone calls from home. While she knew exercise could help her lose weight, nerves prevented her from going into public due to her weight, then 320 pounds.

With an upcoming vacation planned, the 24-year-old sought the advice of bariatric surgeon Dr. Vadim Meytes, who has office hours at Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, NY, and on the Vassar Brothers Medical Center campus, 21 Reade Place, Suite 1000, Poughkeepsie.

In May 2021, the Kingston, NY, resident underwent a vertical gastric sleeve procedure.

Seven months later, she has shed 140 pounds, visits the gym daily and works closely with a personal trainer who is a key mentor, empowering her to maintain this newfound health. She also says nutrition and fitness have become a second job in the best way.

“We find with patients that if traditional weight loss strategies are unsuccessful, a comprehensive bariatric surgery program can be a catalyst to rethink how you eat, exercise and take care of your body,” Meytes said. “When paired with a personalized treatment plan that includes guidance on nutrition and how to get and stay active, patients learn lifelong wellness strategies.”

Though anxious the day of her procedure, Miranda said, “The entire team was so professional and caring at a time when I was overcome with fear about this next step. The minute I opened my eyes in recovery, I realized I became a new person with a brand-new story to write for myself.”

Miranda has shed an additional 89 pounds following her procedure with the help of three personal training sessions each week, which began two months post-operation. She no longer counts calories and listens to her body for cues she has eaten enough.

“I’m experiencing life and happiness with immense gratitude and positivity, and I owe much of it to Dr. Meytes and the team at Northern Dutchess Hospital – they are my biggest advocates,” she said.

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Request an appointment or call the Rhinebeck office at (845) 871-4275. To reach the Poughkeepsie location on the campus of Vassar Brothers Medical Center, call (845) 871-4275.

This story is one patient’s experience, recounted here for educational and general informational purposes only.