Danbury and Norwalk hospitals open two new clinical trials for people with advanced-stage cancer

Clinical Trials


Danbury and Norwalk hospitals, part of Nuvance Health, opened two new clinical trials for people with advanced-stage cancer that have a KRAS G12C mutation. The Danbury Hospital clinical trial is for patients with advanced metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The Norwalk Hospital clinical trial is for patients with certain types of solid tumors, such as advanced colorectal cancer. Danbury and Norwalk hospitals are the only sites in Fairfield County, Connecticut offering these clinical trials.

The clinical trials are studying a new drug called AMG 510. Early evidence shows that AMG 510 blocks KRAS G12C, a variant of KRAS. KRAS is a key enzyme in the growth of many cancers. A patient will know if their cancer has a KRAS G12C mutation after a tumor specimen undergoes genomic profiling, which the patient’s oncologist will order. Danbury and Norwalk hospitals encourage any cancer patient with a KRAS G12C mutation to contact the hospitals about the clinical trials.

“Through the AMG 510 clinical trials, we can provide a new treatment for patients who otherwise might be out of options because of the advanced-stage of their cancer,” said Dr. Richard Frank, director of clinical cancer research for Nuvance Health, medical oncologist/hematologist at Norwalk Hospital, and consultant in the gastrointestinal oncology service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).

Patients who meet criteria for the AMG 510 clinical trials can rest assured that they not only have access to this latest treatment, but also highly skilled and compassionate care teams and state-of-the art facilities to support them throughout their cancer journey.

Amgen recently published encouraging results from an AMG 510 phase 1 clinical trial in the New England Journal of Medicine, a prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal.

Danbury and Norwalk hospitals are currently enrolling patients into the AMG 510 clinical trials. For more information, call or email Nuvance Health Oncology Research at (203) 739 7997 or