Bariatrics and Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery helps patient find renewed enthusiasm for life

Erin DeProspero Bariatrics PH June 2021


Before weight-loss surgery, Erin DeProspero dreaded clothes shopping, the persistent knee pain and missing out on social fun because of her weight. “I isolated myself out of fear and discomfort from being overweight; I was uneasy in my own skin,” the Holmes, NY, resident said.

In August, DeProspero took the next step and underwent the gastric sleeve surgical procedure with the multidisciplinary bariatrics team at Putnam Hospital. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach and limits the amount of food you are able to consume.

When speaking about her experience, she said the team “made sure I was educated and ready for this next chapter of life, one that would help me be a healthy presence in my children’s lives.”

Thus far, DeProspero has lost 101 pounds and gained renewed enthusiasm for adventurous hikes, gym sessions and sporting her new wardrobe. Most important to her, though, is she no longer needs medication to manage high blood pressure.

“I’m grateful for this steady journey forward. I love how I feel now and I’m excited to continue living my new life!” she concluded. 

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This story is one patient’s experience, recounted here for educational and general informational purposes only