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5 Tips for a Healthy Dad

5 Tips for a Healthy Dad

By Jodi Friedman, MD, Nuvance Health Medical Practice — Center for Healthy Aging in Rhinebeck


Men’s Health Month is a great time to promote how men can take care of themselves, start new habits and live a healthier life. One of the most important things anyone can do — including men — is to get an annual checkup or wellness exam. Here are a few other tips:

Get grilling

Many older adults do not get enough protein in their diets. Studies show protein requirements may be higher in older adults by as much as 20 to 30 percent. For Father’s Day and more barbecues ahead, find a good healthy cut and get grilling.


Get moving

Now that the weather is nice, it is a fine time to start that exercise program you have been meaning to begin. Take a nice long walk or play with the grandkids.

Treat yourself

Self-care is for everyone — even men. It can really help reduce stress and fend off disease. Take some time to engage in a new or forgotten hobby. Maybe try a massage for the ultimate relaxation.


The warmer months are a great time to get started on those home projects, but make sure you are being safe around the house. This includes replacing fire alarm batteries, ensuring tools are in good working order and being very careful on ladders or stepstools.


Going through old photo albums or just talking about memories can be fun and therapeutic. It is also a great way to connect with the younger generation.

In conclusion, your primary care provider understands the nuances of aging and is your first stop for questions, concerns or health challenges. He or she partners with a team of specialty care providers, such as geriatricians, to support you throughout all stages of life.

Dr. Friedman is a geriatrician with Nuvance Health’s Center for Healthy Aging in Rhinebeck. You can search for a primary care or geriatric medicine provider near you here or learn more about geriatric care here.

Jodi Friedman, MD