Vendor Onboarding

Building partnerships for success

Our vendor integrity team is a vital part of Nuvance Health's vendor onboarding process, serving as your primary contact. Essential for managing external vendor relationships, maintaining system integrity and preserving thorough audit trails, our team ensures adherence to OIG standards. We oversee updates and meticulously configure and control internal audit trails. Ultimately, the vendor maintenance team is integral to maintaining operational efficiency, security standards and accountability in all vendor-related transactions within the organization.

  • Supplier registration

    To become a supplier with Nuvance Health, reach out to and we can get you in contact with the correct department.  

  • ePayables

    EPAY with GHX – a faster more predictable payment schedule, reduced fees and increased efficiency.

    Interested suppliers can visit the
    GHX website or download a high level overview (PDF).

  • Virtual credit card (MUFG)

    MUFG’s ePayables program utilizes Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) providing benefits that work in harmony to increase transaction security, simplify reconciliation and enable efficient electronic payments. Our virtual card acts as a credit card with negotiable merchant fees, dependent on your banks policies.

    For more information visit the MUFG website or download a high level overview (PDF).

  • Supplier diversity

    We are part of the HAN Program:


    The Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN) is a collaborative effort among over 45 healthcare institutions in the United States. Their goal is to improve community health and equity by addressing social and economic determinants of health. HAN members prioritize initiatives that promote inclusive economic development and equitable access to healthcare services. Through collective action and knowledge sharing, they aim to drive positive change at both local and national levels. HAN facilitates the adoption of anchor mission strategies to align institutional policies and investments with community needs, ultimately promoting healthier communities and advancing social justice.


    Learn more about health equity, diversity and inclusion at Nuvance Health.

  • Identifying potential fraud 

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued several alerts concerning potential fraud affecting manufacturers and vendors. These encompass spoofing, phishing and business email compromise (BEC), also referred to as email account compromise (EAC).

    How to identify fraud attempts

    • Thoroughly inspect email addresses, URL addresses, and spelling in all communications. Scammers often employ minor alterations to deceive and earn your trust.
    • Exercise caution, particularly if the requester is urging prompt action.
    • Verify payment and purchase requests in person, if possible, or by calling Nuvance Health or the requesting company to verify the request’s legitimacy. It is best to visit the company’s website for contact information – do not use any contact information provided by the suspicious requestor.
    • Consult this resource provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for additional guidance on recognizing and reporting Business Email Compromise (BEC) crimes.

Compliance documents

For additional information, below please find Nuvance Health's conflict of interest policy.