Health Information Exchange

Sharing your medical records, securely. Empowering your provider to make effective healthcare decisions.

What is a Health information exchange (HIE)?

Simply put, a Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows healthcare providers like Nuvance Health to access and share patient medical records with approved parties — electronically and securely.

What’s the benefit? Electronic exchange of clinical information helps to improve healthcare quality, safety and patient outcomes. It can help prevent errors by ensuring that everyone involved in a patient’s care — whether in a primary care setting, a specialist’s office or emergency department — has access to the same information.

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The Health Information Exchange and you

  • To share or not to share information?

    More and more, patients are signing up for Health Information Exchanges. Here’s why:

    - Participating healthcare practitioners can access your health record
    - Nationwide connectivity means that your information is more accessible to participating providers
    - Reduces time spent tracking down your health information, providing you with faster, better care
    - If you have an emergency or are unable to provide health information, your care team may be able to locate it immediately
    - May save time and the hassle of filling out health history forms when seeing new healthcare providers

  • Your information is secure.
    The HIEs take your privacy and security very seriously. In fact, HIEs such as CommonWell® have no clinical repository, and rely on strict patient matching tools using standards for data transmission to help ensure your information is secure when sending it through our HIEs.
  • What patient data will be shared?

    In order to provide a comprehensive health history, we don’t have the option to exclude specific visits, tests or episodes of care. Some of the data shared with the HIEs include:

    - Records of allergies and drug reactions
    - Medication and immunization history
    - Diagnostic and treatment records
    - Procedure records
    - Record of problems and diagnoses
    - Notes from your care team 

  • It's your choice.
    Of course, participation is optional. If you enroll now, but later change your mind and want to opt out, simply contact your provider’s office.

    If you don’t want to participate, your health information will not be available through the HIEs that Nuvance Health participates with, including CommonWell® , Connie and HealtheConnections. Your clinical care at Nuvance Health will not be affected, although it may affect the information available to your care teams outside of Nuvance Health.

How to say “yes” to participation.

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When you say “yes” to any of the exchanges, your health information can be shared among participating providers in the HIE. Plus, you enable nationwide connectivity to some of your health information and allow your doctors to better coordinate care across your care teams.

Your care team will request your consent to participate. Your approval will be shared with HIEs and be available to your other healthcare providers. In some areas, patients are automatically enrolled as part of the new patient registration process. If you are a patient at any Nuvance Health location, a care team member will confirm your consent and enroll you, however you have the opportunity to change your mind and a care team member can unenroll you at that time.